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Heaters and Thermostats

Ulanet Company has 81 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the production of cartridge, hermetically sealed, miniature, capsule, industrial and appliance thermostats, thermal time delay relays, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip, bolt hole and cartridge heaters.

An in-house panel of engineers awaits your thermal control challenge. Let us share our expertise with you. With a legacy going back 80 years, Ulanet is the trusted global leader in designing & manufacturing thermal controls.
Designing & manufacturing thermal controls for every industry
Engineering thermal solutions for over eighty years
Custom thermostats, immersion heaters, and electronic thermal controls
Over the side tank heaters, 50 Gallon drum heaters and more

On/Off Pulsator which proportions electric power at line voltage.

RoboTempThis product is designed to maintain precise thermal control with a smooth time/temperature characteristic.

Over the side tank heaters, and immersion heating elements.

freeze protection valveOur over the side immersion heaters are designed to provide an easy solution for those seeking a controlled heat source.

Engineered to respond rapidly to changing thermal conditions.

thermal control valvesThese units offer bi-metal construction and are available in a wide range of sizes and mounting options.

Manufactured in any shape and config. your project demands.

mixing valveOur competitive edge resides with our ability to provide a quality product at any configuration and specification your application requires.